Moving Checklists

We want you to enjoy a stress-free move into your new home

Moving comes with a long list of challenges and responsibilities. We often hear questions from our tenants about the moving process, which is why we've crafted these moving checklists as a resource for you. Read through the information on this page to equip yourself for an upcoming move. If you still have questions after going through the details below, give us a call: (805) 641-9905

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first month's rent check and security deposit are both due at the lease signing. Please confirm the amounts with our team in advance.

Move-in Date & Inspection

Your move-in date will be set at your lease signing. We will provide all relevant information about the initial inspection at this time.


You must place all utilities for your home in your name immediately upon signing the lease. Failure to promptly do so may result in access being cut off for your property.

Remember, you are also responsible for keeping the accounts current throughout the duration of your stay with us.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Planning to vacate your rental property? Please check the official move-out date outlined in your lease. You are legally responsible for paying rent through that date.

We ask you to provide us with written notice of your intent to vacate the premises so that we can begin preparing for the next occupants.

Property Condition

Before you hand in the keys for your rental, you must bring the property back to rent-ready condition. This includes the following:

  • Rental¬†Cleaning:

    Your property should be carefully cleaned, with all of your belongings removed from the premises. No garbage or refuse should be left behind.

  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas:

    If you have any outdoor spaces where you routinely address landscaping chores or maintenance, please take care of these once more before moving out.

  • Repairs:

    If any damage occurred inside your home during your stay, make every effort possible to repair these issues. This may include patching nail and screw holes, repainting discolored walls, or replacing broken glass.

Security Deposit

The security deposit you pay at the outset of your lease protects against damage that might occur during your stay. Please remember, you cannot use these funds for your final rent payment.

After you vacate your home, we will perform a final inspection. If we identify any new damage, we will make repairs and use the funds from your deposit to cover these costs. The remainder will be returned to you with an itemized statement.